"Arab youth are our advisors, and they are the best to achieve their vision and strategy. We have great hope in them; and our confidence in their energy is limitless"

His Highness Sheikh Mansour bin Zayed Al Nahyan


The ‘Technology Fellowship for Arab Youth’ program aims to achieve several strategic goals:

Providing a training platform for the Arab youth in collaboration with global partners who specialize in technology 

Supporting the preparation of Arab leaders in the digital and technological sectors

Determining the data necessary to shape young Arab leaders specializing in technology.

Providing opportunities for the Arab youth to learn from key experts in the digital and technological fields

Program Outcomes

Information and data on the Arab youth in the tech industry

Production of research and recommendation papers addressing Arab Youth & technologies of the region in partnership with the experts.

Internship and training opportunities: AYC will provide youth with internship and training programs

Along with the partners, AYC will place youth for internship and training programs to learn how to lead the future of technology in the region.

Workshops and educational sessions regarding tech-related topics

AYC & its partners will be launching a series of education programs, courses, workshops and talks dedicated to educating the youth about the trends the program tackles.

Discovery of young talent and abilities

The program will explore promising young Arab talents in the field of technology and pave the way for them to contribute positively to the landscape of the technology sector in the Arab region

Program Trend Tracks

Digital Transformation

Technology & Innovation: Emerging Technologies

ICT – Information & Communication Technologies

Interactive Technologies



Youth aged between 18-35


Students and young professionals


Technologists, researchers, and young innovators


Youth in the offered fields, provided a basic level for developing technical skills


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